As a professional in the TV/Video production industry for the past 21 years, the idea to produce instructional photography workshop programs started with my own passion for photography and the workshop experiences I've had over the years. I found that by watching these photographers work in the field, I gained valuable insight into their process and my own photography dramatically improved. Location workshops however are an investment and for some, like the avid amateur or student, just too expensive.

It was my desire to design a series of programs that re-create this workshop experience, allowing photography students, enthusiasts and emerging professionals to practice the techniques and tips of a seasoned pro at a price that everyone can afford.


I was down in the Smokies right now! (Visual Literacy review)

Watched the DVD last night as soon as I got it, wish I was down in the Smokies right now! DVD was great! As usual Tony let’s you in on all his secrets for taking great photos. I felt like I was right there with him! I took a seminar with Tony last spring to Acadia state park Maine. This seminar really bumped up my photography to a higher level, and just like in the video, Tony explains all!

One Word: Outstanding (Visual Literacy Review)

I found these DVDs (Visual Literacy Photography Workshop) to be outstanding. I have watched both discs three times in the two months I have owned them. He doesn’t do any remedial teaching; it assumes you have more than a surface understanding of exposure, metering, light; if you do not you will likely be frustrated and not rate the DVDs very highly. I have seen a number of DVDs and sat in workshops and Tony is a natural teacher. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and isn’t one of these prima donna photographers ; he is very down to earth and just wants to take great photographs. I HIGHLY recommend this DVD.

Like sitting side-by-side with a master – Photoshop Guru Review

Amazing, absolutely amazing. If you’ve ever wanted to look over the shoulder of a master photographer in his “lab”, this is your chance

In quick response to viewing the DVDs, I would like to say WOW! (Visual Literacy Review)

To be more descriptive: Viewing Tony Sweet’s Visual Literacy DVDs was like reading a great book where you find yourself being unable to put-it-down and wind up reading the book cover-to-cover in one sitting. As for Tony s DVDs, I watched both In the Field and In the Studio DVDs in one sitting (I believe 4.5 hours worth).

Best photography DVD I have ever seen (HDR Made Easy Review)

Tony got me started in HDR at his St. Michaels, Maryland, workshop last summer and, since then, I have felt pretty comfortable working HDR with most images. However, when I was in West Virginia last year I got access to an old mill that was being restored. There were no lights inside so it was very dark in most area, and bright sun was flowing through the few windows that were there.

Flower Photography Artistry – Review

Flower Photography, February 8, 2012 Tony is a real practical person.The things he is showing you are what you will meet in the field.Somebody who is trying to help you make better pictures.