As a professional in the TV/Video production industry for the past 21 years, the idea to produce instructional photography workshop programs started with my own passion for photography and the workshop experiences I've had over the years. I found that by watching these photographers work in the field, I gained valuable insight into their process and my own photography dramatically improved. Location workshops however are an investment and for some, like the avid amateur or student, just too expensive.

It was my desire to design a series of programs that re-create this workshop experience, allowing photography students, enthusiasts and emerging professionals to practice the techniques and tips of a seasoned pro at a price that everyone can afford.


Highly recommended! – HDR Photography review

Mr. Sweet teached us the way “he chooses” to process his HDR photos (which may differ from others), and I learned quite a bit from watching the DVD. He teaches how to read the histogram of our camera (assuming you have a histogram) and that is the single most important feature required to produce the best images.

Singh-Ray Filters Promotional Offer

Purchase any two filters at and receive “Visual Literacy” as a special bonus.

Completing Your Outdoor Photography – Review

Mr. Barker presents that wonderfully in this instructional video, especially in regard to how filters work and their added benefits.

An Absolute Must Have for HDR Photography (HDR Made Easy Review)

Within minutes of starting to watch Tony Sweet’s DVD “HDR Photography Made Easy” I realized the time spent was going to bring my photography to a new level. The production of the DVD compliments Tony’s conversational development of high end photo processing. It really is the whole package for someone who wants to take HDR Photography to new places.

Photoshop Workshop – Photoshop Guru Review

e A Photoshop Guru DVD is very informative and rewarding. He makes working with Photoshop® simple and easy to understand. His approach is straight forward step by step and he reveals his thought process as he attempts difference approaches to solve a problem.

MendittoPhoto behind the scenes for HDR Made Easy

- MendittoPhoto gives a behind the scenes look at HDR Photography Made Easy: click here to take a look.